How to Inflate a Road Bicycle Tire

How to Inflate a Road Bicycle Tire
Proper tire inflation is paramount to cycling performance and safety. A poorly inflated tire can cause sluggish bike handling, increased rolling resistance and even tire blowouts resulting in crashes. Check your tires often and take care to inflate them properly.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Bike pump with Presta valve
  • Bike pump with Presta valve
Step 1
Choose the correct pump for your tires. Most road tubes use the Presta style of valve. These tall, thin valves are excellent for high-pressure inflation normally used by road tires. Select a pump with a Presta valve or adapter, accurate pressure gauge and a tall, thin body to handle high pressure inflation.
Step 2
Check your tires' recommended inflation pressure, normally located on the sidewall of each tire.
Step 3
Uncap the Presta valve and unscrew its locking nut. Press down on the valve stem once or twice to loosen it.
Step 4
Press the pump valve head onto the tire valve and secure its locking lever. Inflate the tire to its recommended pressure using the pump's pressure gauge as a guide.
Step 5
Unclamp the pump and remove it from the tire valve. Tighten the locking stem nut and recap the valve.

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