Fastest Way to Travel From Rome to Venice, Italy

Fastest Way to Travel From Rome to Venice, Italy
You've seen all there is to see in Rome, and hiked and biked the surrounding countryside--now you need to get to Venice, and fast. Apart from that city's historical attractions, there's some fantastic trekking just outside of town. But the seven-hour train ride just won't get you there in time. So what's the fastest way to get from Rome to Venice? By air, of course.


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Fastest Way to Travel From Rome to Venice, Italy

Things You’ll Need:
  • plane ticket
  • plane ticket
Step 1
Purchase a plane ticket from Venice to Rome. This can be accomplished either online, at a travel agency or office, or at the airport itself. Rome Airport Fiumicino (also known as Leonardo da Vinci Airport) is located about 25 miles west of the city center. When it comes to the local airlines, tickets are not cheap; you may shell out as much as $800 for round-trip tickets to Venice from Rome. However, one London-based airline, Easyjet, offers round-trip flights for less than $50, and Iberia and British Airways both offer round-trip tickets for under $500.
Step 2
When you arrive at the airport you must find Terminal A, where all domestic flights arrive and depart. If you haven't yet purchased tickets, do so at either the Alitalia, Air One, British Airways, Iberia or Easyjet desks. Each of these airlines offer non-stop service to Venice from Rome.
Step 3
Have identification, boarding pass, and anything else you may need in your hands (not in your bag) so you can go through security and into the gate area as fast as possible. Flights leave for Venice almost every hour from Fiumicino Airport, so you shouldn't have to wait long. Flying time between Rome and Venice is generally just over one hour.

Tips & Warnings

If all flights are booked (which would be quite odd, considering the number of flights continually connecting the two cities), consider taking the train. The trip may be significantly cheaper--starting at around $55--and takes about seven hours.

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