How to Tie a Rappel

How to Tie a Rappel
When you're climbing rocks or mountains, your life is in the hands of your gear. The knot used to tie your ropes together is of utmost importance and must be done well. The most popular knot used to do this is a fisherman's knot. This is a simple knot that reduces any risk of hang-up when your rope is on the move, but you should take care and make sure the knot is tight before using.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You’ll Need:
  • Two rappelling ropes
  • Two rappelling ropes
Step 1
Position yourself near the end of your rope, then put the end of the rope under and back over the loop. This is the same knot you would tie in the first step of tying your shoelaces.
Step 2
Thread the second rope through the middle of the overhand knot, leaving at least one foot to tie your second knot with.
Step 3
Pull the first overhand knot tight.
Step 4
Tie another overhand knot with the second rope, tying it around the first rope. Pull tight.
Step 5
Grab one rope in each hand outside the knots and pull. The knots should slide together. This is your fisherman's knot.

Tips & Warnings

Always give a few test pulls before putting your body weight on a fisherman's knot.
Always wear a helmet when climbing.

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