How to Plan Your Dream Vacation

How to Plan Your Dream Vacation
The qualifications of a dream vacation changes drastically from one person to the next. For some, a dream vacation might mean staying at a luxury hotel where the only exertion they have to make is deciding whether to have the steak or fish for dinner. A dream vacation for another might be taking nothing more than the clothes that can fit in a backpack. Whatever possibilities embody your dream vacation, the following advice can help make it a reality.


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Planning Your Dream Vacation

Things You’ll Need:
  • Internet connection An open mind
  • Internet connection
  • An open mind
Step 1
Consider alternative means of transportation that can either save precious money or enhance the activities that make this vacation a dream. Check to see if you can get to your destination on a ship rather than taking a plane. If your destination is cross-country, look into taking a train. In order to make the dream come true, you may want to sacrifice cost for experience or you may want to make sure you have as much money to spend when you get there as possible.
Step 2
Remember that hotels are not the only places to stay. You may be able to save money that can be better spent on activities or other interests by shopping around. In Europe, check out if there are any hostels you could stay at during your trip. In American and many countries abroad, a bed & breakfast may not only be cheaper, but more in keeping with your personality and the nature of your trip. Also look into the idea of trading houses with someone else who is heading out on vacation or, especially if you are student, getting accommodations in a dorm room on a college campus. For more extravagant vacations, consider vacation packages that include the cost of hotels along with local activities and recreation. You may even be able to get a price break on the touristy things you are looking to do.
Step 3
Pick something you have never done before as a dream vacation instead of pursuing something that you have literally dreamed about. This may seem like crazy advice, but for a great may people the dream turns not so much into nightmare as a standard disappointment. Sometimes the fantasy just cannot be met by the reality. If you've never really been much for cruises, plan a dream vacation on board ship. If you usually enjoy all the luxuries, consider an African safari or a trip to the Galapagos. Go mining for diamonds out west instead of shopping for diamonds you can never afford on Rodeo Drive. If you love nothing better than hitting the snow and ice, instead plan a trip to swim with dolphins or even sharks off the coast of South Africa. Lowered expectations have a way of being exceeded in ways that your greatest dreams cannot.
Step 4
Avoiding traps is a terrific way to make sure dream vacation comes close to fulfilling the dream and avoiding a nightmare. Many vacation destinations suffer off-season periods when the incoming money can dry up. To avoid this, hotels and recreational companies engage in a little collusion to dupe vacationers who limit their research to vacation planning sites. This is how many people wind up taking a vacation to Bermuda during the winter by not realizing the island is roughly parallel to the Carolinas rather than located in the Caribbean. Always check to make sure that great deal you're getting doesn't situation you in the tropics during the height of the rainy season or in a chalet in France a month before the snow arrives unless you enjoy spending all day out door being wet or skiing on artificial snow.
Step 5
Don't rely on your GPS to get you everywhere. Global positioning satellite systems have certainly changed the way that people travel, but the deeper into an underdeveloped area you penetrate the less useful they may become. It is simply good advice to pack yourself with actual old-fashioned maps whether your dream vacation takes you to Orlando or La Paz just in case the satellite doesn't provide all the information you need to find sites or keep from getting lost.

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