How to Use Stopwatches for Running

How to Use Stopwatches for Running
Many runners and coaches find stopwatches one of the best methods of tracking time in a workout. Unlike a wristwatch, a stopwatch's only purpose is to record time and its construction makes it easy for a runner to start and stop without breaking stride. Stopwatches are most beneficial during interval workouts, or for runs requiring multiple times to be taken.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Hold the stopwatch in your left hand, if possible. You can use your right hand, but most stopwatches are built to accommodate the left hand. Put your thumb on the start button and your index finger on the lap button.
Step 2
Click the thumb button when the run begins.
Step 3
Click the button under the index finger to get a lap time. This will freeze the time on-screen while the clock continues to run. On a digital stopwatch, you can usually record anywhere from 10 to 100 lap times on the same continuous length of time. On a mechanical stopwatch, you will likely have to look at the first lap time and record it before recording another.
Step 4
Push the index finger button on mechanical models to return to the running time. Many digital stopwatches have a third button you can press to return to the running time.
Step 5
Press the thumb button to stop the time and push the lap time to return to the total running time.
Step 6
Press the lap button once more to reset the clock. On some digital models, you must push the third button to reset.

Article Written By Jonathan Croswell

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