How to Make a Fishing Float

How to Make a Fishing Float
A brightly colored toy balloon makes an excellent homemade fishing float. This type of float is inexpensive and easy to store in your tackle box. One bag of balloons will last for numerous fishing trips, and a balloon can be inflated to support both large and small baits. Another advantage to using a balloon is that it will burst when you fight the fish and not drag on the rod. Balloons work effectively with winds or currents and will carry your bait far from your boat or the shore.


Difficulty: Easy

How to Make a Fishing Float

Things You’ll Need:
  • Toy balloons Light line Barrel swivels Nail clippers
  • Toy balloons
  • Light line
  • Barrel swivels
  • Nail clippers
Step 1
Pick a brightly colored balloon. Stretch the balloon several times to make inflation easier.
Step 2
Inflate the balloon to a size that is large enough to support the bait. Seal the balloon by tying an overhand knot in the balloon's lip.
Step 3
Use a barrel swivel when attaching the leader to the main fishing line. Tie the balloon to the swivel using a small piece of the light line. Use a square knot or several overhand knots to fasten the balloon's lip to the swivel.
Step 4
Make an overhand knot by first making a loop. Pass the tag end over and under the loop. Tie a square knot by tying another overhand knot on top of the first. Tighten until the knot is snug.

Tips & Warnings

Use caution when using hooks.

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