Renting Snowboarding Gear

Renting Snowboarding Gear
Renting snowboard gear is a great option in a number of situations. It's a good idea to rent for your first time so that you can try snowboarding without buying equipment. It can also be a good option if you're traveling and don't wish to lug along your own gear. Finally, renting equipment can be a good way of trying out a different style or model of snowboard without putting down all that money to buy it. Here are some tips about how to rent snowboarding equipment.


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Step 1
Determine the gear that you want. Don't get stuck with cheap equipment that doesn't meet your needs. You won't have much fun this way. Consider the conditions where you'll be riding and what you intend to ride. Do you need a freestyle board for half-pipe and park riding or will you be doing more powder/free ride? Decide the style of board that you want.
Step 2
Consider demoing. If you may be purchasing a board later in the season, consider demoing a new snowboard, which is basically a way of testing a board that you could purchase at the shop. This is an excellent way of both renting the equipment you need for the day and shopping for equipment to purchase. In fact, there's no better way to shop for a board than to demo it before buying.
Step 3
Call shops ahead of time and be sure that they have the equipment that you're looking for. Determine where you'll rent by finding the shop that offers the best equipment for the best price. Of course, this is less important for the first-time snowboarder, but beware that cheap "deals" on rentals may not be deals at all. Don't settle for second-rate junk.
Step 4
Go to the shop. Once you've found a shop that offers what you need, go there to complete the rental process. Fill out the required paperwork and be sure to be honest about your physical characteristics (height, weight) and snowboarding ability, so that you are fitted with the right equipment.
Step 5
Get sized out. Staff will help you get the right size boots, bindings and snowboard. Ask questions if you're not sure about anything. Fully lace up your boots and walk around the room, ensuring that they're snug and comfortable without any heel movement. Don't be afraid to ask to try something different if what you have on doesn't work. It's your money and time on the mountain, get the most from it.
Step 6
Get a look at the snowboard and bindings that you'll be renting. The shop will probably have to do a quick set-up, so make sure the gear is the size and style that you need before they set it up. If you have large feet, make sure the board is wide enough so that your toes don't hang over the edge too much.
Step 7
Consider purchasing the insurance. If you intend to ride hard or just want some peace of mind in case the board is damaged or stolen while you have it, purchase the optional insurance offered. It should only be a few extra bucks and could come in handy. This is an especially good idea if the board is a demo or newer model.
Step 8
Check the gear before you leave the shop. Make sure you have everything that you need, such as a leash and stomp pad. Also check to make sure that the bindings properly fit the boots and all hardware is tightened down. Run your hand up and down the edges to be sure that they're sharp and in good shape, particularly if you'll be riding in potentially icy conditions. Once you leave the store and head to the mountain, you're stuck with what you have, so check it thoroughly.

Tips & Warnings

While at the rental shop, consider any other accessories you may need (helmet, goggles, car snowboard rack, hat, gloves). Some of these items may be available for rent at the shop. If not, they should definitely be available for purchase.

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