How to Travel From Venice to Florence

How to Travel From Venice to Florence
Venice and Florence are the two most popular urban destinations in northern Italy. There are several options for getting from one city to the other. Some ways are better than others.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Venice has no direct flights to Florence or even neighboring Pisa, so any air trip will have to connect at a major Italian hub or even outside Italy. That makes flying uncompetitive for this route.
Step 2
The train is probably the best way to travel from Venice to Florence. Take the train to Florence's Santa Maria Novella station. Departures from Venice leave throughout the day, roughly every hour, and 2009 fares cost as little as 33 euros (about $47). The trip takes between 2 3/4 and 3 1/4 hours.
Step 3
Rent a car in Venice and drive to Florence. With gas and tolls included, this can be expensive. But driving offers the most flexibility to stop, and take in sights on the way. The direct route is 172 miles. Take the E70 to Padova, then the A13 to Bologna, and finally the A1 to Florence.
Step 4
Keep your passport handy. You will need it to board a plane or rent a car, and some form of legal identification will be required to get train tickets.
Step 5
Plan on everything costing more than you think it will. Italy is an expensive country. Pad your pocket money by an extra 10 percent for a train or air trip, and by 50 percent for driving.

Tips & Warnings

Avoid taking the bus. Italy's bus system is organized regionally, so there is no national line connecting points as far apart as Venice and Florence. Spare yourself the hassles of late buses and missed connections, and board the train instead.

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