How to Cure Depression With Exercise

How to Cure Depression With Exercise
Studies show that regular exercise is effective at combating depression. The biological reasons for this remain murky, but the connection is well-established. While exercise alone will not cure the most profound cases of depression, it is an excellent tool for addressing symptoms. In many cases it is enough to lead the way to a healthier, happier lifestyle.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Experiment with a variety of exercises to develop a starter regimen. If you want to do sit-ups or crunches, try them and see how many you can realistically do for two or three sets. Trying to do three sets of 100 and failing will be discouraging.
Step 2
Establish a regimen. Keep in mind that it needs to be at least 30 minutes long and you will need to do it three to five times a week. It is best to have some flexibility in the regimen so you can do it rain or shine. For example, be ready to swap your 45-minute walk with some calisthenics at home.
Step 3
Develop a stretching routine to precede your workout. It is preferable to do it before and after, but before is essential. If you are going for a jog, try knee bends, knee lifts and toe touches beforehand. This should not be subtracted from your exercise time.
Step 4
Get started and keep going. To retain your motivation and to build up momentum, stick to the program regardless of circumstances except injury.
Step 5
Expand the regimen when you are ready. Expand either the intensity, the duration or the frequency of your exercises. Alternatively, try expanding two or three of those categories at the same time, or think about taking up a sport.

Tips & Warnings

One problem with exercise programs is that they tend to be dull unless connected to another activity. One way to sustain and build momentum is to connect them to an outdoor activity. For example, try evolving a walking program into walking with a weighted pack, which is good training for backcountry hiking.

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