How to Adjust Binoculars

How to Adjust Binoculars
Binoculars are one of the most used optical instruments in the world, second only to eyeglasses. Binoculars are available for just about every purpose and for every budget. In order to get the most use from your binoculars, it is important to adjust them to your particular settings. Eyestrain and headaches are common symptoms that can be associated with improperly adjusted binoculars. Before taking your binoculars out in the field, take a few minutes and ensure they are properly adjusted.


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How to Adjust Binoculars

Things You’ll Need:
  • Binoculars
  • Binoculars
Step 1
Adjust the eye cups if your binocular is so equipped. Wearers of eyeglasses need to fold the rubber eye cups forward so the eyeglasses will rest on the cups. Unfold the eye cups if you do not wear eyeglasses.
Step 2
Adjust the "interpupillary distance" of your binoculars. Look through the binoculars at a single object. Adjust the oculars until just one object can be seen without shadows. Make note of your adjustment value on the "pupillary distance scale" located on your binoculars.
Step 3
Locate the diopter adjustment on your binoculars. The diopter is usually found on the right eyepiece. Adjust the "dioptic focusing wheel" to the "0" setting if you have equal acuity of both eyes. This applies to users with and without eyeglasses.
Step 4
Adjust the diopter for users with varying eye acuity. Close your right eye and look at an object through the left ocular. Turn the "main focusing wheel" to bring the object into sharp focus.
Step 5
Open your right eye and close your left eye. Look through the right ocular at the same object. Turn the "diopter adjustment" until the object is in sharp focus. Lock the "dioptic focusing wheel" if your binoculars are so equipped. Make note of your adjustment value on the "dioptic adjustment scale."
Step 6
Focus on near or far objects by turning the "main focusing wheel" located on the centerpiece of the binoculars. Use your personal adjustment values from the above steps if someone else uses your binoculars.

Tips & Warnings

Clean the binoculars lenses regularly for optimal performance.

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