First Aid Kit Checklist

First Aid Kit Checklist
People often find they use the items in a first aid kit more frequently than they would like to. Periodically inventorying the first aid kit ensures supplies are available when needed again. To aid in restocking the first aid kit, create a first aid checklist.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • First Aid Kit
  • First Aid Kit
Step 1
Carefully lay out the contents of the first aid kit. Keep similar items together. For example, group adhesive bandages (i.e., Band-Aids) together. Further group items by size such as 3/4-by-3 inch adhesive bandages.
Step 2
Title a sheet of paper "First Aid Kit Checklist." Write the quantity, name and description of the item on the checklist vertically. Do this sequentially through the groups of items. For example, if you have one 3-inch roller bandage and one 4-inch roller bandage, then write " 1 roller bandage, 3-inch" and "1 roller bandage, 4-inch" on separate lines instead of simply writing "2 roller bandages."
Step 3
If the first aid kit is incomplete, add the necessary items to the first aid kit and the checklist. Commercially available kits typically include a list of contents with the purchase. The CDC's 2010 Yellow Book provides information on the typical contents of home-built first aid kits as well as information pertaining to commercial kits.
Step 4
Put the first aid items back into the first aid kit neatly. Be mindful not to break items (such as the thermometer) and ensure ready and easy access to items.
Step 5
Place the first aid kit checklist in a safe place, and refer to it whenever you inventory the first aid kit. Inventory the kit annually to ensure any medications haven't expired and before every trip to ensure its completeness and the appropriateness of contents for the trip. A posttrip inventory is especially useful since any needed supplementary items can be identified easily (e.g., "next time I need to bring Dramamine").

Tips & Warnings

A copy of the first aid checklist and a writing instrument kept in the first aid kit can allow notation of items that need to be replaced as they are used. Additionally, the paper of the checklist can be used to resolve other emergency situations.
Keep first aid kits out of the reach of children.

Article Written By David Chandler

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