How to Keep Birds Off Porch Columns

How to Keep Birds Off Porch Columns
Rats aren't the only non-bug pest out there. Birds, too, can be a major annoyance. Apart from finding holes in roofs, and nooks and crannies in the rafters, these little feathered critters like to perch on porch columns, leaving feathers, dirty footprints and fecal matter on the columns and across the porch itself. But keeping birds off porch columns doesn't have to be a headache.


Difficulty: Moderate

Using Bird Spikes

Things You’ll Need:
  • Bird repellent spray Bird spikes
  • Bird repellent spray
  • Bird spikes
Step 1
Purchase bird spikes. Enough spikes to cover the top of your porch columns may cost anywhere from $10 to $30. Bird spikes can be purchased in home repair stores or online from websites like
Step 2
Attach the bird spike to the top of your porch columns, or wherever the birds typically perch. Depending on the type of spike you purchased, this will entail using adhesive (generally included) or screws (also generally included).
Step 3
Watch for the return of the birds. Sometimes, the birds will find a bare spot somewhere that you may have missed. If the birds fail to return to congregate on your porch columns for more than three days, chances are you've rid yourself of them for good.

Using Bird Repellent Spray

Step 1
Purchase bird repellent spray. Several types are commercially available, including Bird-X's Bird Shield biodegradable repellent spray. Sprays generally cost anywhere from $50 to $100.

If you are concerned about the environmental effects of a spray, check its Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rating. Bird-X's repellent, for example, is classified as "reduced risk." If you are concerned about a repellent's effects on the birds themselves, check the label. The product will explain clearly whether or not it is intended to simply repel or actually injure or kill birds. Again, Bird-X's repellent doesn't physically harm birds.
Step 2
Spray the area of the porch column where the birds tend to congregate. Don't worry about soaking the column. One layer of spray will do.
Step 3
Observe the porch. One application might be all you need to deter the birds from returning to their regular spot. However, you'll need to be vigilant and check for the birds throughout the day and over the next three to four days.
Step 4
Whether the birds return or not, continue to spray the porch columns daily with the repellent. Repeat this for at least four days.
Step 5
If you don't have birds on your porch columns for three or four days, it typically means that the birds have found another place to congregate.

Tips & Warnings

Of the two methods described here, bird spikes are probably the most humane, since the birds cannot be harmed in the slightest.
Read the warning label on the container of bird repellent spray that you purchase and follow instructions carefully.

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