How to Attach a Snorkel to a Mask

How to Attach a Snorkel to a MaskSnorkeling is an easy activity that allows even a moderate swimmer to peer into a world of undersea adventure. What makes it possible is the snorkel and mask combination, allowing the snorkeler to keep breathing normally while looking down.


Difficulty: Easy

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Dive/snorkel mask
  • Snorkel with clip
Step 1
Put on your snorkel mask.
Step 2
Place the snorkel's mouthpiece in your mouth, and position the tube so that it runs up alongside the left side of your head, just as it would while in use.
Step 3
Move the snorkel's plastic clip to meet the position of the snorkel mask's strap, using your sense of touch to guide it.
Step 4
Remove the mask and pull its strap free from the left side of the mask. Thread the snorkel clip into the strap and replace the strap into its holding clamp on the mask.
Step 5
Put the mask back on. Readjust the straps on the mask to get a good fit, usually done by tightening the strap to the appropriate notch. It may be necessary to adjust the snorkel's position by sliding it forward or backward along the strap, so that it reaches comfortably to the mouth. Do not slide the snorkel up or down along its clip.

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