How to Size Roller Hockey Skates

How to Size Roller Hockey Skates
It is essential to wear proper-fitting roller hockey skates. Not only does it give you better control in the game by allowing your feet and ankles to move correctly, but it also prevents the blisters and pain caused by poor-fitting skates. Take your time when trying on inline skates to ensure that they are comfortable and the correct size.


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Step 1
Put on the socks that you intend to wear while skating.
Step 2
Try on roller hockey skates that are one size smaller than your regular shoe size because roller hockey skates tend to run small.
Step 3
Make sure the store has a return policy if you are shopping online or through the mail. Different brands of roller hockey skates fit differently, making it difficult to guess the right size.
Step 4
Try the roller hockey skates on and stand up in them to see if they fit properly. The skates should fit snugly without feeling too tight. For adults, the tips of your toes should barely touch the ends of the skates. For kids, there should be no more than half an inch between the tips of the toes and the ends of the skates. You should be able to move your toes without your feet sliding around in the skates. Bend your ankles to feel if the skates offer ankle support. The skates should fit snugly on the ankles and support the ankles without causing pain.
Step 5
Wear the skates for 10 minutes and move around in them to make sure they fit properly. If the tongue of the skate digs into your foot or if the skates cause discomfort in any area of your foot, try on a different pair.

Tips & Warnings

Try on different brands and models of roller hockey skates to find the ones that feel the most comfortable.

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