How to Learn to SCUBA Dive in London

How to Learn to SCUBA Dive in London
Scuba diving is a popular sport in Britain and its greatest city is literally packed with diving schools. Although London might not be ideally situated for a weekend diving excursion, that hasn't stopped it from becoming a major center for learning how to dive. The city of London offers numerous programs, and is one of the few places where students can choose among several different scuba training and certification organizations.


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Step 1
Choose among certification organizations. There are a number of schools under the umbrella of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) in the London area, but there are others. Foremost among the alternatives is the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC), which is the United Kingdom's national governing body on scuba diving. The standards for achieving a basic Open Water (OW) certificate among different organizations are similar but there are differences, so one group might suit your particular needs better.
Step 2
Check your fitness before starting your instruction course. Scuba diving does not require a high level of physical fitness but a standard fitness test will require swimming 200 yards and treading water for 10 minutes or something similar.
Step 3
Fit the courses into your schedule. The wide availability of schools in London will make this easy. For example, PADI offers an e-learning program where all the classroom work is done at home over the Internet and the practical training is then done at the dive school over a single weekend. While the e-learning can be done anywhere, not all PADI schools offer the compressed practical weekend course that goes with it on a regular basis. This will be no problem in London.
Step 4
Complete the coursework and skills training. Remember that almost all the dive schools in the London area will conduct their skills training in a swimming pool. While this is a calm environment for learning, it offers little practical experience with open water conditions.
Step 5
Plan ahead for the final, open water dives required for certification. For London students, the only options for doing this close to home are in the cold, often murky waters of the North Sea, English Channel and Irish Sea. If you plan ahead, you cold take your last dives at a school affiliated with your organization while on holiday, such as Thailand or Belize.

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