How to Wash a Travel Pillow

How to Wash a Travel PillowOne of the problems with flying is how problematic it is to get into a comfortable sleeping position in one of those uncomfortable seats. A travel pillow helps, but you only need to stop and think about how grimy it feels after a long flight to realize that a travel pillow needs regular washing. Unfortunately, not all travel pillows are made out of the same stuff, and while some can be machine-washed, others must be cleaned by hand.


Difficulty: Easy

Machine Wash

Things You’ll Need:
  • Mild liquid detergent
  • Bowl (if hand-washing)
  • Old rags (if hand-washing)
Step 1
Examine the label or tag on the travel pillow to see if the pillow can also be machine-dried.
Step 2
Put the pillow in the washing machine with a mild detergent, and run it through a washing cycle with cold water. It can be safely washed with other articles that are washable in cold water.
Step 3
Transfer the pillow from the washing machine to the clothes dryer, and dry it using either a low heat or an air setting. If the pillow is not dryer-safe, pin it to a clothesline and dry it in the open air.

Hand Washing

Step 1
Fill a bowl with water, wet a rag in the bowl and then put a little detergent on the end of the rag.
Step 2
Dab the soapy end of the rag against the pillow to clean it. Reapply soap and water to the rag as necessary.
Step 3
Rinse by using a second wet rag with no detergent on it, using the same dabbing procedure as in Step 2.
Step 4
Pin to a clothesline or set in a warm, dry place and dry the pillow in the open air.

Article Written By Edwin Thomas

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