How to Change the Line on a Fishing Pole

How to Change the Line on a Fishing Pole
Don't risk losing a trophy fish because of a worn line. The fishing line on spinning and bait-casting reels needs to be changed on a regular basis. The effects of the sun and heat contribute to the premature failure of your line. Periodically check your line for abrasions and nicks and change it if any of these conditions are found. When changing your line, avoid line twisting by following the proper procedures.


Difficulty: Easy

How to Change the Line on a Fishing Pole

Things You’ll Need:
  • Spool of new fishing line, Nail clippers, Pencil, Assistant
  • Spool of new fishing line,
  • Nail clippers,
  • Pencil,
  • Assistant
Step 1
Open the bail on a spinning reel or push the spool-release plunger on a bait-casting reel. Remove and discard the old line. Thread the new line through the rod guides and attach to the spool with a 3-turn uni-knot.
Step 2
Tie a uni-knot by passing 8 to 10 inches of line around the spool. Turn the tag end back toward the spool and form a loop. Grasp the tag end and make three turns around the doubled line. Simultaneously pull the tag end and the standing line until the knot tightens against the spool. With the clippers, trim the excess line flush against the knot.
Step 3
Spool the spinning reel by first observing which direction the bail turns. The new line must slip off the spool in the opposite direction of bail rotation or the line will twist. If the bail turns clockwise, the new line must slip off the spool in a counter-clockwise direction. Flip the spool if the rotation is not correct.
Step 4
Spool the bait-casting reel by inserting a pencil through the hole in the new spool. The pencil will allow the spool to spin freely without twisting the line. Have your assistant keep pressure on the spool with his thumb so that the spool will not backlash.
Step 5
Apply tension to the line by grasping it with your thumb and forefinger. Reel the handle until the spool is filled to the desired level. Clip off the line and tie on your favorite lure.

Tips & Warnings

Fishing line is a wildlife hazard. Do not discard into the environment.

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