How to Join Fishing Lines

How to Join Fishing Lines
Saltwater fishing can be demanding and using a leader is required for many saltwater fish. Although a swivel can be used, many fishermen choose to join the fishing lines together with a Uni-Knot. This easy-to-tie knot will allow two different sizes of line to be quickly joined together. When properly tied, Uni-Knots are extremely strong and will not slip. Try the Uni-Knot when you are using a leader for low visibility or for abrasion resistance.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

How to Join Fishing Lines

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fishing pole with line Section of leader material Nail clippers
  • Fishing pole with line
  • Section of leader material
  • Nail clippers
Step 1
Overlap the tag ends of both the fishing line and the leader so they are parallel to each other. Ensure that both tag ends of line and leader are 10 to 12-inches long. Grasp the fishing line's tag end and form a loop.
Step 2
Take the fishing line's tag end and make six revolutions around the parallel lines. Pull the fishing line's tag end slowly while holding the other two lines. Ensure that the knot tightens uniformly and that the knot's coils are in a row.
Step 3
Keep pulling the ends until the knot is fully tightened. Ensure that all coils are aligned and push up tightly against each other. Trim the tag end flush with the nail clippers.
Step 4
Repeat Steps 2 and 3 using the leader. Instead of the loop being on the bottom as in the illustration, the loop will be on top of the two parallel lines. When the second knot is tight and trimmed, pull tightly on both standing ends of line and make sure both knots are tight against each other.

Tips & Warnings

Moisten the knots when you are tightening them to help to make the knots seat smoothly.

Article Written By Daniel Ray

Daniel Ray has been writing for over 15 years. He has been published in "Florida Sportsman" magazine. He holds an FAA airframe and powerplant license and FCC radiotelephone license, and is also a licensed private pilot. He attended the University of South Florida.

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