How to Put a Fishing Line on an Abu Garcia Reel

How to Put a Fishing Line on an Abu Garcia Reel
Abu Garcia makes the popular Abassadeur line of bait-casting reels. These famous and reliable reels have been produced for decades. In order for these reels to operate properly, new line must be installed correctly without twisting or tangling. Frequent changing of the line on your Abu Garcia reel is important. Inspect your line periodically to prevent line failure due to the effects of the sun, heat or abrasion. Don't lose the fish of a lifetime simply because you did not want to spend a few dollars for new line.


Difficulty: Easy

How to Put a Fishing Line on an Abu Garcia Reel

Things You’ll Need:
  • New spool of fishing line Pencil Nail clippers Assistant
  • New spool of fishing line
  • Pencil
  • Nail clippers
  • Assistant
Step 1
Remove old line from the reel if installed. Properly dispose of the old line. Fishing line is an environmental hazard; do not throw it overboard. With all old line removed, inspect the reel and spool for defects and serviceability.
Step 2
Open the new spool of line and thread the line through the rod guides. Start at the rod tip and run the line toward the reel. Inspect the rod guides for abrasions or burs. Repair or replace any defective guides. Prepare to attach new line to the spool with a Uni-Knot.
Step 3
Tie a three-turn Uni-Knot by running 5 to 6 inches of line around the spool and then reverse direction and make a loop. Run the tag end around the doubled line and the loop three times. Tighten by pulling on both the tag end and the standing line. Use nail clippers to trim the tag end flush with the knot. See the Additional Resources section below for a link on how to tie a Uni-Knot.
Step 4
Insert the pencil through the spool of new line. The pencil acts as an axle so the spool will feed line without twisting. Have your assistant hold the spool by the pencil. Start turning the reel's handle, and begin filling the reel with line.
Step 5
Ensure that the helper applies light pressure on the line spool by using his thumb. This will prevent backlashes on the spool. Use your thumb and forefinger to squeeze the line while reeling. Applying line tension will help the line seat itself firmly and prevent line digging. Add line until you have the desired amount installed on the reel's spool. Cut the line and attach tackle.

Article Written By Daniel Ray

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