How to Trap a Pigeon

How to Trap a Pigeon
Whatever your reason for doing so, trapping a pigeon or pigeons in a humane manner can be relatively simple. All you need to do is lay a good, old-fashioned trap.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

How to Trap a Pigeon

Things You’ll Need:
  • Bird trap
  • Dried bread or other bird bait
Step 1
Purchase a bird trap. There are many types of bird traps commercially available. Most traps come in the form of a wire mesh cage. Some are double-door, allowing the pigeons to enter either side of the trap, while others are single-door. Some have slanted entrances, using the angle to prod the pigeons forward. Some bird traps are especially transportable--being either lightweight or collapsible. Select the appropriate bird trap, depending on the number of pigeons you wish to catch as well as the frequency you think you'll be using the trap.
Step 2
Observe the pigeons and make a note of their regular places of congregation. Be patient--trap location is paramount when it comes to trapping a pigeon. Select a spot for your trap based on these observations.
Step 3
Bait the area you've selected for your trap. Do this several days before you plan on setting out your bird trap. This will get the pigeons accustomed to congregating there. More importantly, they'll get used to turning to that area for food. Use dried bread, grain, or cereal as bait, spreading it out over around four- or five-square feet.
Step 4
After a few days, place your bird trap in the pigeon congregation spot that you've selected. Tie up the doors so that they can't close.
Step 5
Bait your trap. Be sure the area surrounding the trap is baited, too, but leave a good, thick trail of bait leading into the trap. Make sure the inside of the trap has a nice little pile of the stuff right in the middle. Since the doors are tied up, they won't shut. This is good, because you want the pigeons to get used to the trap for a few days.
Step 6
Once the pigeons have become used to the presence of the trap, untie the trap doors. Check the trap every few hours. The collapsible doors should close on the pigeons the minute they've entered the cage.

Tips & Warnings

Be sure to check your trap at least once a day; you don't want the poor pigeons stuck inside for longer than that.

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