How to Catch Game Fish

How to Catch Game Fish
Game fish are fish that are targeted by anglers for their sporting qualities. Though some of these fish are good to eat, most are sought because of the outstanding fighting characteristics they possess. Game fishing is neither inexpensive nor easy. Some species, such as marlin, often require guides with large boats, expensive tackle and a vast knowledge of their habits. But the reward for all this effort will be the fight of a lifetime for the lucky angler.


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How to Catch Game Fish

Things You’ll Need:
  • Guide Boat Tackle necessary for that species
  • Guide
  • Boat
  • Tackle necessary for that species
Step 1
Target marlin by traveling to where they are common. Central and South America offer many places where marlin fishing is available. Charter a well-known local captain and boat. Though expensive, the captain will provide top-rated tackle and will know exactly where to go to give you a chance at this mighty game fish.
Step 2
Catch tarpon in south Florida. Acrobatic tarpon range in size from two-foot-long juveniles to 200-pound giants. Tarpon can be found anywhere from mangrove backwaters to the deeper passes. If targeting adult fish, a guide would be advisable due to the size and strength of this fish.
Step 3
Pursue bonito offshore in deeper water. Look for birds working over schooling baitfish. Many times bonito or other game fish, such as king mackerel, will attack schools of bait. Toss artificial lures or live bait to these speedy game fish.
Step 4
Fish for largemouth bass in freshwater. Bass are the most accessible of game fish. Although a boat is nice to have, bass can be caught in farm ponds and from the shore. Use live bait or artificial lures to catch bass.

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