How to Rig Spinning Poles for Northern Pike Fishing

How to Rig Spinning Poles for Northern Pike FishingCatching a trophy-sized northern pike on a spinning rod is exciting for even the most experienced angler. Northern pike will put up a spectacular battle on such equipment. It is not possible to overstress the importance of having your spinning pole correctly rigged for northern pike. The sharp teeth of a pike will make quick work of a poorly put together set-up, allowing the fish to escape.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Spinning rod and reel
  • 12-pound test braided line
  • 12 inch wire leader
  • casting spoons
  • ball-bearing swivels
  • fishing floats
  • No. 3/0 hooks
  • medium split shots
Step 1
Spool your spinning rod with a 15-pound test braided line. Northern pike often weigh more than 10 pounds and are capable of snapping lesser pound test and many types of monofilament line.
Step 2
Tie a foot long wire leader to your braided line. This tough leader will prevent the pike from chewing through the line with its array of teeth.
Step 3
Attach a 3-inch long red and white casting spoon to the leader when fishing in clear water. Use the yellow and red "five of diamonds" spoon in water that is not as clear. Both lures have a proven record of accomplishment of catching pike. This rig will cast a long distance and allow you to cover a large area of a lake quickly in search of pike.
Step 4
Remove the wire leader if the pike seem reluctant to bite. Replace it will a ball-bearing swivel that will keep the lures from causing the line to twist. You may also employ in-line spinners on this ball-bearing swivel rig without having to worry about line twist.
Step 5
Use live shiners for bait on your spinning pole to catch northern pike. Tie a foot long wire leader to the 12-pound test braided fishing line. Attach a number 3/0 hook to the leader. Place a fishing float 4 to 5 feet up from the hook. Pinch two medium weight split shots right above the leader to keep the shiner down in the water.

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