How to Select a Fishing Pole & Reel

How to Select a Fishing Pole & Reel
With such a wide assortment of tackle available, selecting a fishing pole and reel can be overwhelming. There are rods and reels made to catch everything from 1/2-pound bluegills to 1,500-pound marlin. An angler needs to ask a few questions to help zero in on a suitable setup. Because you don't want to buy a spincast reel to catch tarpon, spending a little time beforehand can help eliminate expensive mistakes.


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How to Select a Fishing Pole and Reel

Step 1
Determine what type of fish are you targeting. Research the fighting habits of the fish you are after to help narrow your tackle choices. Tuna, for example, require a lot of line and a sturdy rod to help stop their strong runs.
Step 2
Determine what size fish you will target. Catching baby tarpon in the backwaters is very different than chasing adult tarpon off Gulf of Mexico beaches. Consult anglers who regularly fish for these fish for advice.
Step 3
Determine where you will be fishing. Digging for grouper in 150-feet of water requires a specific rig. Some tackle can do double-duty while others will be more specialized.
Step 4
Determine how often you will fish. Buy more expensive, longer-lasting tackle if you plan to fish regularly. For the occasional trip, you might be able to get by with less expensive gear.
Step 5
Visit a local tackle shop in an area where you will be fishing. Knowledgeable sales people can guide you toward the appropriate fishing pole and reel. Don't hesitate to ask questions.

Tips & Warnings

Research fishing forums on the Internet for advice.

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