How to Mount a Camera on a Tripod

How to Mount a Camera on a Tripod
Tripods attach to cameras and other equipment to ensure that movement and camera shake is kept to a minimum. A camera mounted on a tripod will exhibit much less blurriness in photos than a camera held freehand. Tripod models vary according to cost and function, but usually mount in a fairly consistent manner because of the way tripods are constructed. Because of this, you may mount a camera on almost any tripod by possessing only basic knowledge of its constituents and workings.


Difficulty: Easy

Mounting the Camera

Things You’ll Need:
  • Camera Tripod
  • Camera
  • Tripod
Step 1
Position the tripod with its legs fully opened and locked. Make sure that all the legs are also fully extended and locked in place.
Step 2
Ensure that the head, or movable part of the tripod's top, is level. There is a flat mounting area located on the top of the head---this should be level as well.
Step 3
Lock the head in place to prevent it from moving left-right or up-down. This will make mounting easier.
Step 4
Remove the quick-release mounting block that will attach the camera. A lever is most often used to detach the quick-release mount.
Step 5
Attach the quick-release mounting block to the camera. This is done by connecting the mounting screw to the mounting hole on the bottom of the camera. Make sure the screw is tightly attached to the mounting hole.
Step 6
Place the quick-release block back onto the head of the tripod. This will usually require the lever to be in the release, or open position.
Step 7
Check to make sure that the quick release is firmly attached to the tripod head. You may now unlock the head to use the tripod.

Tips & Warnings

Turn the camera upside down to make mounting the quick-release block easier.
Always wear your camera strap around your neck when placing it on a tripod to avoid damage to your camera if it falls.

Article Written By Justin Chen

Justin Chen is a freelance writer and photographer with 6 years of professional experience in outdoor activities, extreme sports, travel and marketing topics. His professional work experience includes publication with KOMO 4 News Seattle, Fisher Interactive Network, and Demand Studios. He is a current Pre-Med student at Walla Walla University.

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