How to Set Up a Rod to Fish With Spinners

How to Set Up a Rod to Fish With SpinnersWhen an angler refers to spinners she typically means in-line spinnerbaits. These lures work well on any fish that chases and eats small baitfish, with bass, trout, pickerel and pike all susceptible to a spinner. The main feature of a spinner--a blade or set of blade--potentially can cause problems, however, if the angler fails to properly rig his pole. (Pictured: Fishing lure with ball bearing swivel indicated with the white arrow)


Difficulty: Moderate

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Spinnerbait lure
  • Monofilament line
  • Ball bearing swivel
Step 1
Spool a good casting monofilament line onto your fishing reel. Most anglers will employ spinners over submerged weeds as well as in open water, so the need for using stronger braided line to pull a fish out of heavy cover does not exist.
Step 2
Tie on a ball bearing swivel to the end of your fishing line with a clinch knot. Twisting of your line is the main problem spinners cause. To alleviate this use a ball bearing swivel. This device will allow the spinner to turn freely but rather than make your line twist, its movable parts will prevent the line from also rotating.
Step 3
Pinch open the catch on the swivel and ease the eye of the spinner onto it before closing the swivel. Make certain the spinner hangs down freely before casting it.
Step 4
Tie a lightweight spinner directly to your line rather than utilize a ball bearing swivel. Lighter swivels appear somewhat unnatural when attached to a larger ball bearing swivel. Use a clinch knot to tie on the spinner. Check your pole frequently for line twist and change the line at the end of the fishing season.

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