How to Fish With a Jig

How to Fish With a Jig
The indispensable jig should be in every fisher's tackle box. Jigs are made in many different styles, each with a wide range of colors and sizes. With this much variety, the angler should be able to find a jig that will work in just about any fishing situation. Improving your jig fishing technique will help to increase your catches in both fresh water and saltwater.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Pick a rod and reel with line suitable to the size of fish you are after. Spinning rods work well when jig fishing, and the spinning reel's fast rate of line retrieval is an advantage when working a jig.
Step 2
Select the jig's weight according to the depth of the water and the size of the spinning rod. Pick the lightest weight possible that will work for your situation.
Step 3
Choose the color of the jig. White, red and yellow are popular colors that catch fish. Carry an assortment in your tackle box and change colors if the fish do not respond.
Step 4
Retrieve the jig at or near the bottom. Use a slow-to-medium speed and crank the reel several times. Make the jig hop by twitching the rod tip. Repeat this pattern until the jig is back at the boat.
Step 5
Vary the rate of retrieval or change how fast you twitch the rod tip to entice a fish to bite.

Tips & Warnings

Use a loop knot to allow the jig more movement.
Be careful when handling hooks.

Article Written By Daniel Ray

Daniel Ray has been writing for over 15 years. He has been published in "Florida Sportsman" magazine. He holds an FAA airframe and powerplant license and FCC radiotelephone license, and is also a licensed private pilot. He attended the University of South Florida.

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