How to Use Fishing Ice Equipment

How to Use Fishing Ice Equipment
The equipment necessary to catch fish through the winter ice is very different from open water equipment. Many people unfamiliar with ice fishing are perplexed when trying to figure out how to use items such as an auger or a tip-up. Before going out on the ice, the novice should carefully study his ice fishing equipment and learn how it works.


Difficulty: Challenging


Things You’ll Need:
  • Manual ice auger Ladle Polar thermal tip-ups Bait Fishing tackle
  • Manual ice auger
  • Ladle
  • Polar thermal tip-ups
  • Bait
  • Fishing tackle
Step 1
Use an ice auger with extreme caution. The blades on an auger will easily cut hands and fingers if accidentally touched. Remove the blade guards from a manual auger and place the auger on the ice with the blades touching the surface.
Step 2
Position your left hand on the grip beneath the top knob and your right hand on the knob. Spread your feet apart with the blades in front of your feet, lean over to get your right shoulder centered over the top knob, and begin to turn the handle with your left hand in a clockwise motion. This procedure will be reversed if you are lefthanded.
Step 3
Press down with your right hand, using your right shoulder to gain some leverage. The blades should be chewing through the ice at this point at a good rate. Be sure to keep your elbow on the arm that is turning the handle from hitting your torso as you drill. Keep turning the handle until you finally break through the ice.
Step 4
Push down hard on the auger after you complete the turn that breaks through and pull it back up through the hole. Use a ladle to strain all the broken ice bits from the hole.


Step 1
Open up the reel arm on a polar thermal tip-up so that it sits perpendicular to the disc-shaped plastic body of the tip-up. Tighten the nut to secure this arm in place.
Step 2
Unwind enough line from your tip-up's reel to drop your bait down to the depth you desire to present your bait in the water. Place your bait on the hook and allow the line to sink into the water. Be certain to drape the line coming off your reel over the inverted "L" shaped line guide that hangs next to the reel. This allows the line to spool off the reel and keeps the reel turning, which turns the "T" bar above, letting the flag pop up in the air.
Step 3
Hold the "T" bar on the top of the reel arm to keep it from spinning, which would allow line to spool off the reel below. Pull up on the telescoping arm that the flag attaches to until you can fold it under the "T" bar and place the metal arm of the flag in the notch that exists on the underside of the "T" bar.
Step 4
Hold the plastic body of the tip-up with one hand and place it over the hole in the ice, with the reel submerging in the water. Prevent the "T" bar from turning with your other hand so the flag won't pop up. Step back from the tip-up and repeat this procedure with your other tip-ups until you have deployed all of them.
Step 5
Watch your tip-ups for the flag to go up in the air, signaling that a fish has grabbed the bait, which makes the reel along with the "T" bar spin. Walk with care to the tip-up, remove it from the hole, grab the line with your hand, and give it a forceful yank to set the hook. Play the fish, taking care not to tangle the line you bring in by hand in case the fish makes a run. Pull the fish through the ice, typically headfirst.

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