How to Cook Fish in Foil

There are many ways to cook fish at your campsite. Cooking in foil is one easy way to make a tasty meal. The fish will be contained in one package, cutting down on preparation time and mess. Cooking fish in foil is easy and you only need a few ingredients to do it.
How to Cook Fish in Foil


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Campfire or Grill
  • Cleaned Fish
  • Lemon Pepper Seasoning
  • Garlic
  • Butter
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil
  • Tongs
Step 1
Start a campfire or charcoal grill so the coals will be burned down and ready to use once your fish is packaged and ready to cook.
Step 2
Wash off the fish, if it is not cleaned already. You can either use whole fish that have been gutted and have had the heads removed or fillets in this recipe.
Step 3
Tear off a strip of heavy duty aluminum foil that is big enough to wrap the fish in. If using regular aluminum foil, use enough foil to wrap the fish twice.
Step 4
Place your fish in the center of the aluminum foil and sprinkle lemon pepper and garlic seasonings on them. If desired, you can also add 2 tbsp. of butter.
Step 5
Wrap your fish in the aluminum foil, being sure to close all the edges so the juices will not flow out while it is cooking.
Step 6
Wait until your coals are red-hot but not flaming. If you are using a charcoal grill, place the wrapped fish on the grill rack; if you are using a campfire, place it on top of the hot coals.
Step 7
Turn over your foil-wrapped fish in 5 minutes so it can cook on the other side. Your package of fish should be fully cooked in approximately 10 minutes.
Step 8
Test if the fish is done by poking it with a fork. If the meat is firm and flakes, the fish is ready to eat. If not, wrap it back up and place it back on the fire for a further 5 minutes.

Tips & Warnings

You can also add onions, peppers or any other vegetable you desire inside of the aluminum foil to cook with the fish.

Article Written By Joyce Starr

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