How to Clean Swiss Army Knives

How to Clean Swiss Army KnivesTo keep your Swiss Army knife functioning cleanly and protect it from wear and rusting, you'll want to properly maintain it. To keep your knife functioning at its best, you must keep each tool clean. Cleaning the knife is quite simple but requires regular attention.


Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1
Wipe down each implement with a damp or dry rag after each use. Remove any residue, and dry off the knife with a rag to keep it clean and rust-free. This will help keep build-up from forming inside the knife, which can cause sticking.
Step 2
Store the knife in a holder to protect it from dirt, dust and other possible contaminants.
Step 3
Use hot water. Try as we might to protect our trusty knives, sometimes they're well beyond a simple wipe-down by the time we get to cleaning. One way that will save a little time and frustration is to open up the implements on the knife and submerge the whole thing in the hot water for several minutes. Let the water wear down that difficult-to-clean grime inside the knife and between implements. For the really tough stuff, submerge the knife in boiling water for a minute.
Step 4
Remove the knife from the hot water. Use a rag and dish detergent to thoroughly remove all dirt and grime from each implement. Scrub the inside of the handle with a pipe cleaner or old toothbrush.
Step 5
To keep the knife functioning cleanly, apply oil to the pivot points regularly or when you experience sticking. Perform this action after cleaning so your knife works like new.

Tips & Warnings

Store your Swiss Army knife in a dry place where it won't be exposed to moisture.
Be especially careful when handling the knife when all the implements are exposed.

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