How to Attract Bait fish

How to Attract Bait fishBait fish are used by fishermen as live bait for attracting and catching larger fish. In order to catch smaller bait fish it is first necessary to attract them to a specific area, which makes it easier to trap or catch them. There are two primary ways to attract bait fish: bright light shown into the water at night and chumming with bread.


Difficulty: Moderate

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Bright light (waterproof is preferable)
  • Bread
Step 1
Locate an area in the water that has some signs of bait fish. Try areas that are known to have bait fish or look for deeper water near banks, docks or other structures. Smaller fish often will hang near a structure for protection.
Step 2
Position the light as close to the water as possible. Use caution if the light is not water proof or submersible to make sure the light does not come into contact with the surface of the water.
Step 3
Turn on the light and move the beam in different directions to attract fish. If after several minutes bait fish are not attracted, relocate to another promising area and repeat the process.
Step 4
Chum for bait fish by tearing or breaking bread into small pieces. Once again, determine a good spot in which bait fish might be located.
Step 5
Distribute the bread on the surface of the water in a wide pattern initially. Work the concentration of bread to a smaller area and bring the bait fish in closer for easier catching.

Tips & Warnings

There are many lights available on the market for attracting bait fish, including those that are designed to be submersible. These lights provide the ability to get down into the water for attracting fish at deeper levels.
Make sure the techniques of using light and chumming with bread do not violate any local ordinances, laws, or rules. Always be aware of the laws pertaining to the water in which you are fishing.

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