How to Set Up a Fishing Line on a Pole

How to Set Up a Fishing Line on a Pole
Anglers that purchase a new rod and reel will have to set up the pole with new line. Those that remove old and weakened line will also need to spool fresh line back on. There are several ways to set up a line on a fishing pole, but one in particular will result in a tightly spooled line. This method will also allow the individual to know exactly how much line goes on the reel.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Rod and reel New spool of line Screwdriver Scissors or nail clippers
  • Rod and reel
  • New spool of line
  • Screwdriver
  • Scissors or nail clippers
Step 1
Find an open area where you have enough room to walk in one direction as much as 150 yards. Make sure there is something immovable such as a fence or a tree that you can tie your line onto.
Step 2
Identify the line capacity of your reel before you attempt to set up the line on your fishing pole. Look on the side of the reel. Search for the line capacity for different weights of test lines. For example, you may see 6 lbs/110 yards on your reel, meaning you can put as much as 110 yards of 6-lb. test line on this particular reel.
Step 3
Tie the end of your new spool of line to the base of a fence, tree branch or other object that will not move when you pull against it. Take a screwdriver and poke it through the center of the spool of new line. Walk away from the place you tied the line, allowing the new line to unwrap off the spool as you go.
Step 4
Walk the same distance from where you tied the line as what your line capacity is. For instance, walk 110 yards if your line capacity is 110 yards. Put the new spool down when you have reached the appropriate distance.
Step 5
Cut the line from the new spool and thread the end through your rod guides down to your reel. Open the bail and tie the line onto your reel. Many anglers use an arbor knot for this purpose. Wrap some of the new line around your reel for 6 or 7 revolutions before closing the bail.
Step 6
Pick up your pole and pull back on it to make the line taut. Begin to walk towards where you tied your line to the object, reeling in line as you go. Remember to keep tension on the line the entire time as it wraps around your reel while you move forward. Eventually you will reach where you tied the line. Cut the line from the object, tie on a fishing hook or a swivel, and secure it to one of the rod guides.

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