How To Change a Bicycle Tire

How To Change a Bicycle Tire
Any bike owner must deal with the eventual flat tire. It happens a lot, especially if you're an active, regular rider, and taking the bike to the shop to get the flat fixed every time will quickly become an expensive nuisance. The first step toward fixing a flat is knowing how to change the tire, a simple procedure that most people will master after the first few times.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Wrench (for some wheels) Bicycle tire tool (also called a bicycle lever)
  • Wrench (for some wheels)
  • Bicycle tire tool (also called a bicycle lever)
Step 1
Take the wheel off the bicycle. Older bikes generally have wheels fastened by a nut and bolt, so you'll need a wrench to remove it. Modern bikes usually have a quick-release lever.
Step 2
Deflate the tire, assuming it is not already empty.
Step 3
Insert the rounded end of the tire tool into the space between the tire and the wheel rim. Gently pry that part of the tire away from the wheel rim, and then lock the tool into place on the wheel spokes. Repeat this step with a second tire tool. That should free the tire, but if it does not, repeat again with a third tire tool.
Step 4
Take the tire and inner tube off the wheel, along with all the tire tools. If you are fixing a flat tire, this is a good time to examine the inner tube for damage.
Step 5
Take the tire, and slide one of its two edges into place around the perimeter of the wheel rim. This will leave the other side of the tire off the wheel. If you are replacing the tire itself, either due to damage or just to swap tire types, this is where you will need to get out the new tire.
Step 6
Stuff the empty inner tube into the hollow of the tire. You will need to align the inner tube valve with the valve hole in the wheel, and then draw it through that hole. If the inner tube was damaged (typical for a flat), it will need to be patched or replaced.
Step 7
Install as much of the other edge of the tire into the wheel rim as possible. Some of it will probably be difficult or impossible to fit by hand, so don't spend too much time trying to get all of it fitted that way.
Step 8
Insert a tire tool under the part of the tire that has not been fitted yet, and gently pull the tire edge to the outside of the wheel rim.
Step 9
Roll the tire edge into place by slowly working it in with your thumbs. Be careful and avoid pinching the inner tube.
Step 10
Inflate the tire and put the wheel back on the bike.

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