How to Sanitize an RV Water Tank

How to Sanitize an RV Water Tank
A fact of life in owning or renting an RV is that the water tanks will foul, given enough time. Simple sanitation demands that the tanks are cleaned and sanitized periodically, and more frequently in hot weather. Cleaning the tanks is time consuming but otherwise straightforward and easy.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Bleach Funnel
  • Bleach
  • Funnel
Step 1
Go to the back of the RV, which is where the water heater is usually kept. Turn it off and open the pressure-release valve. Then turn off the water pump, which may or may not be with the water heater.
Step 2
Drain the water heater by pulling out the plug in its water tank.
Step 3
Find the RV's drain lines and locate their low points. This is where the drain valves or plugs can be found. Open them to drain the RV's water lines.
Step 4
Return to all the drainage points from steps 2 and 3 and close them.
Step 5
Pour bleach into the water tanks to sanitize them. You will need 1/4 cup of standard bleach for every 15 gallons stored by the RV's water tanks. A funnel may prove helpful in pouring it in. Then hook up the water tank to a water supply and fill it up the rest of the way.
Step 6
Reactivate the water pump and then go into the RV and open all the water faucets. Leave them running until you can smell the bleach in the water, and then turn them off.
Step 7
Let the bleach and water mix sit in the tank and water lines overnight (12 hours minimum).
Step 8
Return to all the drainage points and open the plugs/valves, draining all the bleach and water out. Make sure the water heater and pump are turned off, as described Step 1.
Step 9
Close the drainage points, re-fill the tanks with plain water and turn the heater and the pump back on. Then go into the RV, open the faucets, and check to see if there is any residual bleach in the water. Let it run until there is no bleach smell in the running water.

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