How to Install a Bicycle Tire

How to Install a Bicycle Tire
Mountain bikers who want take good care of their bikes wind up changing their tires a lot, as riding around on city streets with tires better suited for rough backcountry trails is not the best use for them. Getting the best use out of a bike's tires means switching them out for different conditions, and that makes learning how to install a tire a fundamental skill for a serious mountain biker.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Bike Tire Levers Bicycle Pump or Air Compressor Wrench
  • Bike Tire Levers
  • Bicycle Pump or Air Compressor
  • Wrench
Step 1
Place the new tire on the wheel frame, and push one of the two outer, bottom edges of the tire into the inside edge of the wheel rim. Leave the other tire edge hanging free. This will leave you with access to the hollow interior of the tire.
Step 2
Put an empty inner tube of matching size inside the tire. While doing this, thread the inner tube's air valve through the valve hole in the wheel and pull it through.
Step 3
Push the other edge of the tire into the wheel rim, installing as much as you can. It will be difficult to install the entire tire with your hands alone, so if it gives you trouble, do not persist. Go straight to the next step on installing the remainder of the tire.
Step 4
Slip a tire lever under the section of tire that is still loose. Be gentle to avoid damaging the inner tube. Carefully pull the edge of the tire so the loose part is over the rim of the wheel. Use your thumbs to slowly and carefully work the loose section of the tire edge into place. Remove the tire lever once you are finished.
Step 5
Use your bicycle pump or an air compressor to inflate the tire. Then put the wheel back on the bike. Some bikes have a quick-release lever, which makes this easy. For others, you will need to fasten a bolt into place with a wrench.


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