How to Ollie on a Snowboard

How to Ollie on a Snowboard
Once you've reached an intermediate level of snowboarding, you can learn how to ollie on your snowboard. This simple maneuver helps you to avoid small obstacles, and it's critical in learning how to ride in the park. It's also an easy way to explore your sense of balance and add some style to your riding. It's an easy, familiar move that you're sure to master with a little practice.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Start standing still with your knees bent.
Step 2
Go into a deep knee bend. As you pop up, put your weight over your back foot.
Step 3
Lift your front foot into the air.
Step 4
Pull both knees up toward your chest so both feet are off the ground. At the same time, begin to transfer your body weight slightly forward of center.
Step 5
Center your balance so that you land on both feet at the same time with your knees bent.

Tips & Warnings

Get comfortable with this move while standing still before starting to practice it while you moving.

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