How to Connect Trekking Poles

How to Connect Trekking PolesHikers and backpackers use trekking poles to reduce the strain on their knees and give themselves extra stability. Many of these poles have adjustable lengths and can be expanded or compressed to change their size. These trekking poles are made of different sections that lock together. You can take your pole apart for easier storage or to clean the locking mechanism. Connecting the sections of the pole requires very little time or effort.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Hold the bottom section of the pole with the metal tip facing the ground and the opening facing up.
Step 2
Take the top section of the pole in your other hand with the grip facing up and the opening facing down.
Step 3
Insert one section into the other section, pushing the two sides together until the desired length of the pole has been reached. Numbers on the side of the pole guide what the length will be when assembly is complete.
Step 4
Twist the locking mechanism until it is tight, and the two sections are firmly attached.

Tips & Warnings

Keep the locking mechanism clean and dry to prevent slippage during use.
Sections of the pole can be disconnected by twisting each section until it separates easily from the other section.

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