Tuna Fishing Tips

Tuna Fishing TipsTuna fish are saltwater fish capable of swimming very quickly. When fishing for tuna, set-up a rig especially suited for tuna fishing. Without the right rod and reel combination or fishing line test, you could waste time chasing after this speedy fish but never getting a strike. For superior strikes, incorporate the best tuna fishing tips into your angling experience so these fish can't evade your hook.


Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1
Arrive early and stay late. On average, tuna bite very early and during what is described by Bluefin Tuna Fishing Tackle's website as the "magic hour"--from sunset until after dark.
Step 2
Rig a 7- to 8-foot surf casting rod with 30-pound monofilament fishing line. Opt for colored monofilament fishng line--which works well in dark or light waters--for increased visibility. Red, blue and yellow lines are available. If you want a second line in the water, opt for a 40-pound spinning reel.
Step 3
Entice superior strikes with a diamond jig. This plain, ivory colored, four-sided lure is equipped with a single treble hook, and, according to Jerry Labella's website, "drives tuna into an absolute feeding frenzy."
Step 4
Chum with bait such as dead herring or chopped porgies. Lower the herring or loosely toss it into the water. Do not overcrowd the area near your boat, though. You want to draw tuna to your fishing hole, not feed them.
Step 5
Troll the water. Sink your lines to the bottom where large tuna are more likely to be found. Watch the water as your baited lines trail from behind your boat.

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