How to Make My RV Jacks Auto-Level

How to Make My RV Jacks Auto-Level
If your RV has auto levelers but they aren't getting you quite to plumb, you can remedy this situation. The process requires recalibrating your auto leveler. Getting your RV flat and level helps keep things on the counters and lets you sleep a bit more restfully, getting you primed and ready for another day spent in the great outdoors. Make sure to have the RV parked in a relatively flat area to begin with to assist the auto level function in making adjustments.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Carpenter's level
  • Wheel chocks
Step 1
Park your RV in the designated flat area. Place chocks under the RV wheels to prevent forward or backward motion.
Step 2
Push your auto level button five times in a row until all the lights begin to blink. This indicates the auto level feature is now in calibration mode.
Step 3
Go inside the RV and place the level on the floor. Keep the door of the RV open and the level where you can see it and go outside. Begin to manually level the RV with the hand cranks on the jacks. Check the level until the RV is level.
Step 4
Push the retract button on the auto level control panel three times. This records and stores the level point on the jacks. The auto-level feature is now calibrated.
Step 5
Remove the wheel chocks and move the RV to a new location. Park and turn on the auto level function. Place the level in the RV to verify the auto level function is working.

Tips & Warnings

Different RV's have different auto level control panels. Check your user manual for the correct procedure on recalibrating your particular RV.

Article Written By Eric Cedric

A former Alaskan of 20 years, Eric Cedric now resides in California. He's published in "Outside" and "Backpacker" and has written a book on life in small-town Alaska, "North by Southeast." Cedric was a professional mountain guide and backcountry expedition leader for 18 years. He worked in Russia, Iceland, Greece, Turkey and Belize. Cedric attended Syracuse University and is a private pilot.

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