How to Use a Delta Tenon Jig

How to Use a Delta Tenon Jig
A Delta tenoning jig is a heavy machine used to cut tenons into wood and work pieces. Woodworkers and crafters who want to craft a tenon must wear safety goggles and take special caution to ensure the saw blade does not cause injury. Using a Delta tenoning jig is somewhat challenging because of the level of danger that could occur if the machine is not properly used or locked down during the cutting process; however, with attention to detail, you can safely complete the task.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You’ll Need:
  • Safety goggles
  • Table saw
  • Wood
Step 1
Size the tenon, which is a piece at the end of the wood that sticks out to make a joint. Opt for a tenon that is one-third the diameter of your wood.
Step 2
Power off your table saw.
Step 3
Place the tenoning jig--which allows you to use your table saw to cut your tenon--on the table saw. Face the metal guide bar toward the miter gauge slot.
Step 4
Release the locking mechanism, which is located at the left-hand side of the jig.
Step 5
Line up the jig with your saw blade, adjust blade height as necessary. Engage the fine-tuning knob to ensure a snug fit. Rotate it clockwise to drive the wood closer to the saw blade and counterclockwise to drive it away.
Step 6
Secure the locking mechanism so the setting locks into place. Place your wood on the jig.
Step 7
Power on your saw. Cut one tenon, release the locking mechanism and then flip the wood over and repeat for the backside. Secure the locking mechanism to complete your final cut.
Step 8
Set the adjoining workpiece end--which accepts the tenon--on the jig. Secure the holding screw and cut as needed to fit the tenon.

Tips & Warnings

You must wear safety goggles to complete this task or serious injury may occur.

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