How do I Upgrade Parts of a Fishing Reel?

How do I Upgrade Parts of a Fishing Reel?
Your fishing reel facilitates the release and retrieval of your fishing line via a reel spool. When upgrading your fishing reel, contact the manufacturer for replacement parts, which, in many cases, you can order via the manufacturer's website, if one is available. Upgrade reel parts as wear and tear becomes visible or as newer models become available. Making a few simple upgrades can significantly improve the comfort and efficiency of your reel.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Upgrade to a larger reel handle for additional cranking power. Rounded reel handles offer greater comfort and control, allowing you to exert greater force and wrist action when turning the handle.
Step 2
Turn the old reel handle in a counterclockwise direction. Remove the screw at the center of the handle with a screwdriver and pull off the retaining cap and screw. Unseat the old reel handle from its post.
Step 3
Install the new reel handle. Pass your new handle on the handle post and fasten it down using a new retaining cap and screw. Test your new reel handle, making sure you can complete smooth rotations.
Step 4
Upgrade the handle grip on your reel. Opt for a soft silicone rubber to cover your existing cork handle grip. Silicone rubber permits nonslip comfort and is durable enough for tough cast-and-retrieval patterns.
Step 5
Unscrew the hardware on the faceplate of your reel. Clean dirt and sand on the underside of the faceplate. Change out old reel bearings for anti-friction varieties.
Step 6
Upgrade your reel spool. Unseat the drag control and remove the old spool from the spool post. Pass a new reel spool into place and reset the drag control.

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