How to Rig Your Line for Shore Fishing

How to Rig Your Line for Shore Fishing
When you fish from shore, your setup needs to maximize line and bait. You set the rig to have more than one hook off the main fishing line so you can use various forms of bait at the same time. The idea behind this technique is to give you a broader appeal to entice fish to strike, maximizing your time on the shore while fishing. The rig will take a few moments to set up, but once done, should last you for the day.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • 9 foot or longer fishing pole
  • Bait casting reel
  • 10- to 20-pound monofilament line
  • 3 fine wire leaders
  • 3 6/O to 12/O hooks
  • 3 pyramid or barrel sinkers
  • 1 elongated oval bobber
Step 1
Pull out 6 to 8 feet of line off the tip of the pole. Make sure the line is threaded through the rod's fishing guides, which are the metal loops lining the pole.
Step 2
Tie a leader wire 6 feet above the bottom end of the fishing line. Use a nail knot to tie it to the line. Go down 3 feet from the first leader line and tie another leader wire using a nail knot. Tie the hooks to the ends of the leaders using Palomar knots.
Step 3
Tie a hook to the end of the fishing line using a Palomar knot. Move up to the first leader and attach a pyramid or barrel sinker to the leader line using a drop loop knot. Go the next leader wire and tie another of sinker of the same shape and weight to it using the drop loop.
Step 4
Attach the bobber to the main fishing line approximately 6 to 8 feet above the first leader wire. Adjust the distance between the top leader and bobber according to the depth of where you fish from shore. The goal is to keep all three hooks above the bottom of the water, while keeping them as static in the water as possible.
Step 5
Bait each hook with different baits relevant to the species you are hoping to land. Cast out as far as possible and set the pole into the sand at a 45-degree angle to the water.

Article Written By Eric Cedric

A former Alaskan of 20 years, Eric Cedric now resides in California. He's published in "Outside" and "Backpacker" and has written a book on life in small-town Alaska, "North by Southeast." Cedric was a professional mountain guide and backcountry expedition leader for 18 years. He worked in Russia, Iceland, Greece, Turkey and Belize. Cedric attended Syracuse University and is a private pilot.

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