How to Mount Fishing Flies

How to Mount Fishing Flies
Maximize the efficacy of your fly-fishing gear and extend the life of your equipment--especially your fishing flies--by performing routine maintenance. Mount your fly-fishing gear in display boxes for safe storage and protection from rust.

Fishing flies are made of metal and feature string-like materials that can be crushed if not properly stored. Make sure your fishing flies don't lose their shape by mounting them in a fly box.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Microfiber cloth
Step 1
Group fishing flies by type or target species. Bass, pike and panfish flies as well as dry flies, wet fliers, saltwater flies, nymph flies and streamer flies are examples of fishing fly types. The target species include salmon, bass, walleye and trout.
Step 2
Organize fishing flies from smallest to largest hook size. Take a visual measurement of each fishing fly or measure the hook from the eye to the point using measuring tape.
Step 3
Wipe flies with a microfiber cloth to remove freshwater and saltwater reside and completely dry before displaying. Properly drying your flies will eliminate the formation of rust and corrosion, which will weaken the flies for next season.
Step 4
Mount the fishing flies inside your fly box, which can be crafted or manufactured from a variety of materials including hardwoods. Select a fly box with a clear glass cover for easy viewing. Alternatively, stand the fly box upright and keep the doors open. Display on a coffee table or fish bench.
Step 5
Check that your flies are properly mounted inside the fly box to avoid damage. Do not close the display box if your fishing flies are pressed against the glass or door.

Tips & Warnings

Keep your fly box dry to stop rust from forming on your fishing flies.

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