How to Tie Fishing Line to a Bobber

How to Tie Fishing Line to a Bobber
Fishing with a bobber allows the freshwater angler to see when a fish strikes the bait. The angler can then set the hook when the bobber is pulled under the water. By sliding the bobber up or down the line, the angler can set the depth of the bait.

Fishing bobbers are available in different shapes and sizes. The snap-on bobber is a popular choice because it can be tied on without untying the hook. Keeping several different sizes in the tackle box will allow the angler to use different size baits.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Push down on the upper plunger of the bobber to extend the lower line holder. Place the holder over the fishing line at the approximate fishing depth. Slowly release the plunger until the holder fully retracts.
Step 2
Push up on the lower plunger of the bobber to extend the upper line holder. Thread the fishing line through the holder and release the pressure on the plunger. Ensure the holder retracts into the plunger.
Step 3
Simultaneously apply light pressure to both of the plungers. Slide the bobber up or down the fishing line to adjust the depth. Release pressure to lock the bobber in place.

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