How Do I Cast a Fishing Net?

How Do I Cast a Fishing Net?
The cast net is an ancient, efficient tool for catching fish. Although the recreational use of cast nets to catch the kind of big fish an angler might want on his dinner plate or mounted on his wall is illegal in many parts of the United States, the cast net is widely used to catch the bait fish preferred by many fishermen. Beyond that, knowing how to cast a fishing net can prove very useful in a survival situation. Casting a fishing net is a simple technique, with most of the work found in preparing the net prior to throwing.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Take up the lanyard-like cord that is attached to the net and tie it around the wrist you will not be using to throw the net. If you are right-handed, this is your left hand. You may have a buckle, Velcro wristband or a snap fastener, depending on your fishing net.
Step 2
Pull the cord up to your left hand and collect it into a coil as you go. When you have pulled the bottom of the net up, take hold of where the cord meets the netting with your left hand as well. This part is sometimes called the throat or the crown.
Step 3
Hold your left hand up about the same level as your head. Inspect the netting and adjust it as necessary to make sure it is tangle-free.
Step 4
With your right hand around the net just below where it is hanging from your left hand, slide it down the length of the net to waist height. Transfer where you have gripped the netting from your right hand to your left.
Step 5
Take a conveniently situated weight from the bottom fringe of the net with your right hand and put that in your left. Then take successive weights and flip sections of netting over your right shoulder, so much of the bottom of the net is draped back and across your right arm.
Step 6
Hold both hands at roughly waist or stomach level, and stand so your right side is facing the direction you wish to throw. Wind up by twisting your trunk to the left, and then fling the net as you unwind like a spring to the right.

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