How do I Compare Fishing Equipment?

How do I Compare Fishing Equipment?
Fishing equipment is available from a wide variety of manufacturers, each offering competitive pricing and supposedly high-quality materials. Learn how to go beyond pricing to really compare fishing equipment. Utilizing tips that explain the correct and most effective way of comparing fishing equipment, you can purchase fishing equipment that holds up against breaks, general wear-and-tear and accidents.


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Step 1
Check the weight rating of the equipment you're considering; you'll usually find this on the front of the package. Statements such as "medium to heavy action" can be loosely defined according to the manufacturer's discretion; however, a specific weight rating, such as seven pounds, describes the exact maximum weight capacity of the fishing equipment.
Step 2
Test the bend of the rod for buoyancy and count the number of rod guides, which are designed to signal tension on the line. The more rod guides, the better. Do the same when shopping for fishing line. Check the "pound test," or maximum weight capacity, of the line, and pull against it to check for defects.
Step 3
Check the handles of reels and fishing nets. Choose a handle that offers minimum or guaranteed anti-slip protection when dry or wet. Try handles made out of different materials, such as cork or foam, and see which feels most comfortable. Have a friend or store clerk pull against the fishing reel or fishing net to test how comfortable the handle feels when pressure is added.
Step 4
Contact the manufacturers of the equipment you're considering to inquire about a limited or lifetime warranty. Ask if replacement parts are provided free of charge during the warranty period and if shipping costs are required. Some warranties exclude damage from normal use and only cover faulty equipment, such as a reel that ships with a broken handle. Provide the model number to obtain the most accurate information.
Step 5
Compare fishing equipment based on price. Check the price difference between newer and older models. Look for changes to the main component. An upgrade to a rod's gearing system may warrant a higher price, whereas a new rod finish may not. Shop for special deals at the start of the spring season up until the end of summer. Holidays are also a great time to find deals on fishing gear.

Tips & Warnings

Not all fishing equipment is constructed with the same features, so do your homework and find out which features are most common, such as lowering cables for sonar equipment and fishing cameras, and which features are only provided by certain manufacturers.

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