How to String a Fishing Pole Reel

How to String a Fishing Pole ReelStringing a fishing pole reel is a simple task that anglers should be able to accomplish. Even a beginner can easily master this threading procedure with a little patience and practice. Fishing line will become brittle with age and exposure to the elements. Anglers frequently overlook the condition of the line. Re-string the fishing pole reel on a regular schedule to avoid having the line fail when fighting a fish. The fishing line can also be changed for a particular fishing situation, such as targeting larger fish where a stronger line is desired. For example, you might choose a 10- or 14-pound test line if you plan to fish for bass, which typically fall within this weight category. 14 pounds is the average weight of striped bass measuring 30-inches long.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Take a close look at your spinning reel and pole to comprehend how they works. Study the reel closely in order to identify the drag adjustment knob and the anti-reverse button. The drag knob usually sits on the top of the reel and acts as a brake of sorts to keep larger fish from easily taking the line. The anti-reverse mechanism is typically on the lower front or back of the reel beneath the spool. It locks the reel so the handle only turns in one direction, with the line coming in.
Step 2
Open and lock the reel's bail in the casting position. Release the winding mechanism of the reel so that the line can unspool freely. Strip all old line from the reel's spool. Discard line at a local recycling center. Remove 10-feet of line from the new spool of monofilament line. Thread line through rod guides, starting at the rod tip and working towards the reel.
Step 3
Fasten the new line to the spool with a knot. Turn the handle several revolutions to close the bail. Check that the line is riding under the bail roller and determine which direction the bail is spinning.
Step 4
Set the spool of new monofilament on the floor so the line comes off in the direction opposite of bail rotation. Squeeze the line with your thumb and forefinger so the line will seat tightly on the spool.
Step 5
Reel the handle and fill the spool to just below the spool's lip. Trim the line with nail clippers. Tie on a hook or artificial lure.



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