Bass Jig Fishing Tips

Bass Jig Fishing Tips
Jigs are presentational lures that you have to play to make effective. These are great tools to use when bass are not in the mood to bite at just anything, and you have to convince the fish to take your lure. These situations include cold water, mostly clear water, and under thick cover. Jigs are usually flashy and have a lead wait at the head to weigh them down. When used properly, they look like food bouncing slowly along the bottom.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Travel to your fishing location and determine the conditions in which you will be fishing. Note whether you are in clear or murky water, cold or warm water, and whether you will be fishing in a densely covered bottom.
Step 2
Determine your weight choice based on Step 1. If the water is clear, choose a lighter weight to add to the jig. If it is murky, choose a heavier weight.
Step 3
Start with a small jig lure. Add a pork trailer to add scent to the lure and tempt the bass even more if they are very slow.
Step 4
Add the weed guard to your hook if you are going to cast into a dense area, such as under a dock, into weeds or near logs.
Step 5
Cast first at the specific spot you want, and engage the reel as soon as it hits the water. Let the jig sink toward the bottom for a few seconds, then flick your rod slightly up, making the jig rise a little. Let it fall for another second or two, and then flick it again.
Step 6
Continue playing the jig around the same spot for a minute or so before reeling in and casting again. Focus on feeling any slight movements or jerks on the line, which may be a fish striking. When you feel even a small movement, set the hook.

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