How to Set Up an Ice Fishing Pole

How to Set Up an Ice Fishing Pole
It's important to pay attention to changing water temperatures when ice fishing. Smaller lakes offer the greatest opportunity for ice fishing at the start of the season. Once small lakes freeze, you can begin the season with an immediate source to fish. As the season progresses, larger lakes are the next best option. Rich with active fish, large lakes are a great choice midwinter. Set your ice fishing pole and fish deep or close to the surface for easy finds below the ice.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Ice fishing pole
  • Ice fishing line
  • Ice fishing sinkers
  • Ice fishing bait
  • Ice fishing hook
Step 1
Set up your ice fishing rod with an appropriately sized ice fishing reel for easy casting. Rod and reel compatibility is important so choose a rod and reel combo from a well-known brand such as Frabill, St. Croix and Berkley, and purchase under the same warranty.
Step 2
Assemble your ice fishing pole using the joints as a guide. Slide each section over or into the tag of the following section. Fasten the foot of the reel inside the fishing reel seat. Tighten by hand.
Step 3
String your ice fishing rod with monofilament fishing line specifically rated for ice fishing. Ice fishing line is manufactured to resist breakage and tangling under cold water temperatures. Choose a pound test that is rated to support the weight of the fish species you want to catch.
Step 4
Rig your ice fishing line with a small hook when ice fishing for small panfish and a large hook when angling for large bass, walleye, pike, pickerel and other large game fish. Thread the tail end of your ice fishing line through the eye of the hook and tie it on using a fishing knot of your choice. Ensure that your ice fishing line drops to the bottom with a sinker, which you tie on, clamp on or slide on depending on the variety you choose.
Step 5
Bait your hook with ice fishing bait. Choose versatile fishing bait such as earthworms, which can be fished at many depths and can attract a wide variety of fish.

Tips & Warnings

Ice fishing sonar equipment makes it easier to monitor fish below the ice.
Always handle fishing hooks with care.

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