How to Mark Fishing Spots With the Magellan Explorist 200 Handheld GPS

How to Mark Fishing Spots With the Magellan Explorist 200 Handheld GPS
Both the North American and European versions of the Magellan eXplorist 200 GPS include permanent on-board maps. The maps show major highways and waterways but lack detail and topographic data. Currently Magellan offers no updates to the internal maps or the eXplorist operating system. Magellan discontinued the eXplorist 200 in January 2008. This simplified waterproof GPS allows convenient customized marking of waypoints on land or water. The eXplorist 200 "Goto" feature makes returning to fishing spots easy.


Difficulty: Easy

Marking a Waypoint

Things You’ll Need:
  • Magellan eXplorist 200 GPS
  • 2 AA batteries
Step 1
Power up the Magellan eXplorist before leaving the camp or the car and allow the unit to set its current location. Press the "On/Off" button at the upper right side of the unit and press the Joystick/Enter button--at the center of the unit just below the screen--within 30 seconds or the eXplorist shuts down again. Leave the eXplorist on to record a track.
Step 2
Travel to a favorite fishing spot or find a new one. Hold your position.
Step 3
Press the "Mark" button--the lowest of the three left control buttons on the front of the eXplorist below the display. The eXplorist automatically opens the "Mark" screen.
Step 4
Press the joystick control--at top center below the display--to left, right, up or down to enter cursor mode and highlight the "Name" box. Center the joystick and press to bring up the alphanumeric keyboard.
Step 5
Use the joystick to highlight letters. Select letters with the "Enter" function by centering the joystick and pressing down. Correct errors by selecting the "Back" box and pressing at center for "Enter." Selecting "Clear" allows you to start over. Highlight "OK" and press "Enter" when finished.
Step 6
Highlight "Save" with the joystick and press for "Enter." The eXplorer saves the named waypoint automatically to the "Points of Interest" list. Leave the eXplorer on to continue recording a track, or turn the unit off to conserve batteries.

Returning to Locations

Step 1
Press the "Goto" button--the bottom button of the three right hand controls below the display. The eXplorist displays the "Points of Interest" database.
Step 2
Use the joystick to navigate the "Points of Interest" list and highlight the name of the fishing spot. Center the joystick and press to select the proper waypoint.
Step 3
Use the "Zoom In" button at top left below the display or the "Zoom Out" button at top right to adjust map scale, until both current location and the fishing hole waypoint show on the map.
Step 4
Travel to the general location of the fishing waypoint and use "Zoom In" to expand the map to its smallest scale. Follow the directional cursor to the waypoint, which under good conditions will be accurate to within 10 to 16 feet.

Tips & Warnings

Cold starts--startups on first use, after purging the memory, or if location changes by 500 miles or more--take two or three minutes to complete, but subsequent startups or warm starts complete in seconds.
The eXplorer 200 should operate continuously for 18 hours on two fully charged AA batteries.
Remember that the eXplorist "Goto" command only points toward a mark. To follow a logical course, record a track and use the backtrack feature to direct your movements.
The eXplorist 200 erases tracks as it powers down. "Points of Interest" remain in the database until manually erased.

Article Written By James Young

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