How Do I Clean Antique or Vintage Fishing Lures?

How Do I Clean Antique or Vintage Fishing Lures?Cleaning antique and vintage fishing lures requires an attention to detail and a steady hand. Made up of wood, cork and metal parts, antique lures are crafted to appear life-like and reflect a specific era in time. Most collectors' favorites feature a rare design and offer an effective presentation, which is why such lures are bought and sold for a high value. When cleaning an antique or vintage fishing lure, it is essential that you proceed part by part and take a slow-but-steady approach.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fiberglass cleaner
  • Cloth
  • Cotton swabs
Step 1
Evaluate the condition of the lure. Look for signs of paint chipping, deep rust and cracked wood, in which case, the lure should only be cleaned by a professional.
Step 2
Clean the lure with a soft cloth and a non-abrasive fiberglass cleaner. Try the German-made fiberglass cleaner Flitz or the U.S.-made lanolin formula hand cleaner GOJO. Cotton swabs are also an effective cleaning tool.
Step 3
Wet a cloth or cotton swab with fiberglass cleaner, but do not soak it. Remove grim and oil from the wood and cork using an up-and-down action. Flitz is safe to use on wood and metal.
Step 4
Clean metal parts such as hooks, swivels and spoons require a more abrasive cleaning product such as "Poe." Wet the swab and carefully wipe away dirt and grime.
Step 5
Store lures in a well-ventilated location that is free of humidity and moisture.

Tips & Warnings

Never soak antique or vintage lures in water. Water may cause paint to chip or pop off.
Never use alcohol to clean an antique lure.

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